What to Wear | Outdoor Photo Sessions | Target Inspiration

This morning I had to take a quick run to Target to pick up an online order..ok, ok...who really has a quick run to Target? Yes, I got sucked it!  I walked by clothing and it was a photographer's dream come true! So many flowing dresses, patterns, rompers, and colors. 

When I book a session with a client, I always offer styling assistance, why? Clothing can sometimes be the toughest part, especially if the session is for more than one person.  And lets face it, us Moms are always the toughest!  I also always tell Moms, start with yourself first and build outfits from what you are wearing. Once Mom has her outfit, its easier to coordinate from what she is wearing by finding complimenting colors or pulling colors out of a pattern of a dress or top. 

I also say step out of your comfort zone, if you are investing into a photo session invest in your outfit and that doesn't necessarily spend thousands but invest in getting the outfits right. After its all said and done and you have your images displayed on your walls, you will appreciate all the work that went into the outfits and session. 

Now bring on green grassy fields and sunsets. 

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