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Thank you for stopping by! My studio in located in Libertyville, IL but I reside in Winthrop Harbor, IL; its a small town right off Lake Michigan that borders Kenosha, WI.  Im happy to offer photography services all over Lake County (IL), Cook County(IL), and Kenosha, WI*. 

Tiffany Chiappetta Photography offers lifestyle sessions for families, children, milestones, newborn, and weddings. 

My lifestyle sessions are natural with a mixed of posed direction, I might tell you where to sit or where to look at times but overall, I always tell my clients do what feels comfortable. I love capturing the genuine looks and smiles when I tell a family to look at each other or when I tell mom and dad to look at each other for a photo and dad makes a goofy face that makes mom laugh, the little details from newborn little fingers and toes, the little ones that sometimes are unsure of this lady with a camera in my face and all they want are mommy/daddy snuggles, or when you're a family of 5 and someone is having a "moment" we will embrace that moment (you can always use for blackmail later on their first date). I want to capture all the love and chaos. 


*travel fees may apply


Hello, I'm the lady behind the camera, making crazy noises, waving my hands in the air, playing peek-a-boo; whatever it takes, right?!I am also a mother of 3 and wife to a husband that holds my hand in this crazy thing called life. Photography started as a hobby for me and because of all the great people I have met along the way turned my hobby into a business. I love meeting new people and creating memories.

Photo Credit: Melody in Bloom Photography

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