Stylized Wedding Photo Shoot

I still need to pinch myself, to believe this really happened! I have only attended one styled wedding shoot and had to travel so far, I see these done all over but nothing close to home. After I attended my first styled wedding shoot, I daydreamed and pinned IF I were to host my own, I even started a list of vendors! Literally this was just a Pinterst board and an Excel Sheet ( I kind of love both of those things), of one day I would like to do this kind of thing! Well fast forward to winter aka slow season, I met up with a fellow photographer who I occasionally I assist as second photographer. I divulged my crazy ideas ( because, yes sometimes they can be crazy, lol) and well looks like I wasn't the only crazy one, HA! So literally right then I told Kristin from Kristin Nicole Photography, that's it! We are doing this! 

Let the planning begin.....

I already had a list of vendors I wanted to reach out to, but how do I get people on board, share my vision, and fingers crossed they execute it too, phew! It really was planning a real wedding with the exception of no one really getting married! So I hit the pavement (aka keyboard), sent out emails and held my breath! Thank goodness not too long! I was met with excitement, I mean its the Midwest, not too much going on, right?!?!

Well weddings do happen in the Midwest all year round! Even though winter months can be slower, that's where I really wanted to run with this styled wedding shoot! Winter in the Midwest, anything can happen, I mean all four seasons can occur in one day! But as a bride who plans a winter wedding and as a photographer, you have to be ready to be creative! I really wanted to showcase a location that had an industrial vibe and soften it up with all the wedding elements. 

Besides the details of the styled wedding shoot, I really wanted this event to be a place for casual learning and networking. Im a huge believer in networking! We had 10 photographers in total sign up, some with no wedding experience and others who have been in the industry for 6+ years. Regardless of experience, Im hoping it pushed you out of your comfort zone, I know it did for me! In a typical wedding Im using different lenses, setting up flashes if need be, but hosting and shooting took me out of my comfort zone! I used my 35mm and natural light for the entire shoot and embraced the shadows & light!

I am SO thankful for everyone that signed up to participate and the vendors.....the VENDORS!!!! Its one thing to put stuff into a styled board, but you all made it come to life! 

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